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Airo Massaging Backpack

Nothing beats having a nice back massage after a hard day’s work. But what if you don’t have someone to give you a massage, and you can’t afford…

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Guitar Hero Onto The Nintendo DS

The Guitar Hero phenomenon has just invaded the world of the handhelds. Nintendo will be putting out the widely popular Guitar Hero game from Activision on its Nintendo…

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Philips Eco TV

Green is definitely in and the latest company that jumped into the trend is Philips with its Eco TV. Technically, its name is the Phillips 42PFL5603D. Barring the…

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Everex Cloudbook P40

The Everex Cloudbook P40 had its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show last January. It is one of the new releases that make your do-it-all computer even smaller,…

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Fashionation Eco-Speakers

The Fashionation Eco-Speakers are unique and environmentally friendly. The 3.25" cube speakers are made primarily of post-consumer recycled material. Additionally, it is lightweight and come in several patterns…

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The Twist Camera

The Twist Camera is a new concept for portable digital cameras that also fall in the eco-friendly, green gadget line. This tiny digital camera doesn’t require batteries. Instead…

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