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Cleankeys Aseptic Keyboard

Studies have shown that conventional keyboards can become quite unsanitary if they are not being cleaned regularly. Keyboards can become an ideal environment for bacteria and other harmful…

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Wacom Presents the New Intuos4

There’s a need to raise a fervid discussion about Wacom’s newest baby, the Intuos4. The best is yet to come as they have promised. The Intuos4 is designed…

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HP Slate Unveiled

During his keynote speech at the CES 2010, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer showed up with a tablet PC from HP.  Nicknamed the HP Slate, the device was demonstrated…

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HP Announced New Thin Client Hardware

Aside from introducing new Windows 7-powered desktop computers, HP has also provided an alternative to cash-strapped users:  Low-cost thin client computers. Unlike the traditional computers that are technically…

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SmartQ V5 MID

The SmartQ V5 mobile Internet device may sound like the SmartQ 5, but it only ends there.  In reality, the SmartQ V5 is comparable to its V7 MID,…

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Onkyo P3 Nettop

Nettops that run on Atom are so five minutes ago, geeky teenagers would say.  However, if you still prefer optical storage over everything else, then Onkyo P3 is…

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