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CompuLab Trim Slice PC

It seems that as technology advances, most gadgets seem to get smaller and smaller. Even desktop computers seem to be getting into the fray. Some companies are trying…

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Stealth LPC100 Ultra Small Mini PC

Personal computers and desktops have become quite powerful machines. Despite the advances, it seems that faster computers need not be huge in terms of their form factor. There…

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HP TouchSmart 310 PC

With touchscreens now becoming more common in portable gadgets nowadays, it would only take some time before this features may also be available on PC’s. In fact, PC’s…

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Dell Zino HD Mini PC

Dell recently introduced the Inspiron Zino HD mini PC, a compact desktop computer that is versatile enough to handle basic computing tasks and running a big-screen, high-def media…

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HP TouchSmart IQ816

The HP TouchSmart IQ816is an all-in-one PC that may be quite unique in itself. First of all, it is probably one of the only few newer PC models…

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