Casio W61CA Waterproof Mobile Phone

Casio W61CA waterproof mobile phone

The name Casio has been associated with a variety of waterproof electronic products, most notably its watches. So when the company introduced a mobile phone that has an ability that no other cellular phone has, all the critics could say is WOW!

The Casio W61CA is a waterproof foldable phone equipped with a 5.1 megapixel digital camera. The electronics company has merged its knowledge in digital cameras with a mobile Exilim engine with blur reduction using six-axis correction.

Being only available in Japan (why do the cool mobile phone have to only be available in Japan?), it has to keep up with the market by putting DMB-TV functions so users can watch television on their W61CA. Another "uniquely Japanese" feature is an animated story of "Adelie Penguin" that unfolds whenever the phone is on standby.

It also has an integrated timer, distance measurement, and calorie counter that make the phone an ideal walking (or running) partner. Other notable features include a 2.7-inch QVGA screen, a micro-SD card slot, voice input, Office document viewer, navigation, and dictionary.

The Casio W61CA comes in four colors: green, gold, white, and yellow.

Image Source: Casio

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