Casio TRYX Digital Camera

Most digital cameras are designed in almost the same common form factor users are more accustomed with. While this can be considered as a convenience, it may also be a product trait that may limit some of the features of digital camera in terms of functions. As a way to break the mold, the new Casio TRYX is designed differently to offer added versatility and function to a common digital camera.

The Casio TRYX Digital Camera follows a unique design not found in current digital camera models. It has a variable frame design that allows it to be turned, twisted, hanged or made to stand in various positions for better image captures. It comes with a 12MP sensor fitted on a lens that can be rotated from front to back.

This unique digital camera is also equipped with the Exilim Engine HS ad comes with a 3-inch LCD touch screen display. Other features include a high speed Super Resolution zoom, High Dynamic Range Technology and support for 1080 HD output. The new Casio TRYX Digital Camera is expected to be available in the market sometime in April of this year. It is expected to cost around US$250.

Image Source: Casio

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