Casio Paper Writer

With tablets becoming more and more popular, they are considered to someday replace the notepad or notebook altogether as a primary note taking device. But even with all the high tech gadgets of today, there are still people who prefer using paper to write on their lists and notes to. For people who may still be quite confused of staying with tradition or embracing new technology when it comes to note taking, Casio is introducing the Casio Paper Writer.

The Casio Paper Writer may be nothing more to most people than a tablet combined with a traditional notepad and placed together in a nice protective casing. But it does combine two important functions essential in day to day tasks into just a single device. The tablet comes with a 1.5GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB onboard storage, 10.1 inch touch screen display and a camera. On the other side is a paper notepad than people can use for handwriting. The camera of the tablet can also be used to digitize the handwritten notes easily. Users can also use a stylus in order to try writing on the touch screen display to make their notes.

The Casio Paper Writer can be considered as a transition device that will help people having the struggle of whether to embrace new technology being offered by the tablets. It can also be a device that will always have a paper notepad handy for people who may have missed writing notes by hand now and then. The Casio Paper Writer is expected to be available in the Japanese market by September. No pricing details have been provided yet.

Image Source: Casio Paper Writer

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