Casio Green Slim Environment Friendly Projector

Eco-friendly devices become more and more popular among those who care for the environment. That is why many device manufacturers nowadays make use of this slant to sell new gadgets that not only are better due to new tech but also is more environment friendly. One such device may be the Green Slim Projectors from Casio.

The Casio Green Slim Series Projector is considered as the world’s first high brightness eco-friendly projector in the market. It makes use of a new and patented Hybrid Solid State Light Source that not only provides consistent brightness and color projections but also is mercury free. Although not pocket sized, these eco-friendly projectors are compact enough to bring along anywhere. It measures less than 2 inches thick and weighs only 5 lbs. The Casio Green Slim Eco-Friendly Projector is available in different models with a variety of features. You can check them out at the Casio site and their prices range from US$800 to US$1,600, depending on their added features.

Image Source: Casio

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