Casio G Shock Bluetooth Smart Watch

If ever wrist watches have to regain their appeal to people, it is when they try to integrate newer technologies to become part of its different features. This will help make them become more relevant to some people, more than just a device that can tell time. This is what some people may find in the Casio G Shock Bluetooth Smart Watch.

The Casio G Shock GB6900AA-2 Bluetooth Smart Watch is no longer just a device you depend on to give you accurate time when you need to know. It now comes with a low power Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity that you can use to pair it with your iPhone or other compatible smartphone. Once paired, the Casio G Shock Bluetooth Smart Watch can provide you with email and call notifications. Users can also use it to find misplaced paired devices by activating their ring and vibrating functions. It also alerts a user when a paired device is getting out of range. The Casio G Shock Bluetooth Smart Watch offers simple and yet very useful features that many people would welcome. It is available at selected retailers for around US$180.

Image Source: Casio

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