Casio Bluetooth Low Energy Watch

Casio has recently unveiled a new concept watch that may be unlike the current digital wrist watches in the market. Its Casio Bluetooth Low Energy Watch prototype was designed to provide features that can work with a person’s mobile phone. This prototype may allow phone users to sync up their phone information and date with their Casio wrist watch via Bluetooth.

The Casio Bluetooth Low Energy Watch is designed with added features mainly to supplement the features of a typical Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. Via low energy Bluetooth technology, the new Casio digital wrist watch can transmit time information from a smart phone to the watch to always ensure the correct time. The watch may also be able to alert wearers of any incoming calls or email messages being sent to the user’s phone.

Another feature that the new Casio Bluetooth Low Energy Watch offers is the ability to activate alarm and vibration functions of the smart phone from the watch. A smart phone’s alert and ring signals may also be set to stop by simply tapping the watch. The Casio Bluetooth Low Energy Watch may give people another way to look at a digital wrist watch more than just a device that can tell them time. As a prototype, it is still currently in the planning stages. But Casio aims to produce this unique digital wrist watch by this year.

Image Source: Casio

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