Carnivorous Robotic Clock

Many futurists worry that as our technology advances; robots could have the ability to kill humans.  This is probably the first step.

UK-based designers James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau introduce a series of prototype robots that contain fuel cells that run on blood.  These robots blend perfectly into homes as pieces of furniture that attract flies and mice, which fall into traps filled with blood-thirsty fuel cells.  The ensuing chemical reaction, or should we say "digestion," is turned into power that keeps these robots running.

An example is this clock with a roller system that is belted with flypaper.  Flies and other small insects get trapped on the flypaper and are deposited into a vat of fuel cells filled with flesh-eating bacteria, or what they refer as microbial fuel cells.  The energy gained from consuming these flies keeps the rollers rolling and the LCD clock at a precise time.

We can sense some evil dictators using this technology for other reasons.

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