Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD Android Game App

Fantasy and imagination is what makes most game app quite engaging to play with. Aside from playing a certain character, going on a type of adventure that would likely be impossible today makes some game apps quite interesting to play with. And in the case of Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD Android Game App, its hunting down those extinct dinosaurs that becomes the main adventure.

The Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD is a large epic hunting adventure utilizing the FPS style of game play. It is a non-linear game with a huge 3D map for players to explore and hunt down those dinosaurs. There are 6 weapons to choose from for hunting those ancient creatures in their many forms and sizes.

Two modes of game play are available to choose from- hunting mode where the player roams around the vast landscape in search for dinosaurs to hunt and the survival mode where the hunter has to deal with waves and waves of dinosaurs coming at him and see how long he can withstand the pressure. Carnivores also comes with downloadable maps as well as additional dinosaurs that can be downloaded to provide added excitement and thrill when the player seems to have become familiar with the hunted creatures. The Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter HD is available for free download at Google Play.

Image Source: Google Play

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