Carmageddon iOS Game App

Classic games can sometimes enjoy a certain level of revival if played on the current gadgets and devices. That tinge of nostalgia sometimes makes some games just too interesting not to play just one more time. The case may be now happening for classic games like the Carmageddon on iOS devices.

Carmageddon is one of those classic games that were considered quite violent during its time. But considered to some of today’s games, it becomes pretty tame. That is because Carmageddon adds in a dose of comedy into the game that makes it enjoyable rather than just a straight violent game app.

Carmageddon is a car battle game app where players battle each other in many ways. They can either race to the finish line fastest or simply just wreck the other cars nearby in order to gain points. Even bystanders and even cows along the way are not spared. These motorized killing machines get the job done using simple touch controls on the iOS device. But the driving experience may be quite hard to handle for others at first. That is because the controls are designed for slow reaction times, in order to reflect the heavy duty nature of the cars driven. There are also many ways in which players can gain points in order to upgrade their cars, making it even more durable in battling with other cars in the race. Carmageddon is worth trying out since it may be different from some of the car racing games available in the market. Some might just want the game as a trip down memory lane. The Carmageddon iOS game app is available at the App Store for a US$2 download.

Image Source: App Store

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