Card Speaker For iPod

iPod Card Speaker

The iPod has become quite a popular gadget. It is no wonder why quite a lot of accessories have been made for it. One such example is the Card Speaker from Idea International.

This unique card speaker may look quite different from most speakers designed for the iPod. Like its name, it is designed like a card that can fit quite well in pockets. It is no bigger than a credit card although it might be a bit thick. But it is good enough to provide crisp audio quality as a speaker for your iPod. It is powered by rechargeable batteries that can power the speaker up for 5 hours on every 2-hour charge. It can be charged via USB and comes with its own protective casing along with a 3.5 mm connection plug and a USB charger cable. It is available at the Ghostly Store for US$75.

Image Source: Idea International

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