Caramel Apple Maker with Heated Bowl

Caramel Apple Maker wit Heated Bowl

Fall is here, and there is no better time for this gadget to come out than now.

The Orginal Caramel Apple Maker makes creating caramel apples a breeze.

It has everything you need: 6 spoons, 6 removable trays and 8 apple sticks. It even comes with a compartment (where you light a candle) to heat the bowl that holds the melted caramel, and six surrounding cups to hold your favorite toppings.

No more mess ad hassle making good ol’ fashioned caramel apples. You can focus on eating this yummy treat and have fun while doing it with your whole family.

The Orginal Caramel Apple Maker is available at Amazon for $29.99.

Image source: Craziest gadgets

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