Car OBD II Diagnostics Tool

For car owners, car maintenance can be a costly essential. But there are times when knowing exactly what’s going on inside your car as you use it can become a valuable tool to use to make it last longer. Early detection of problems can be easier having the Car OBD II Diagnostics Tool installed.

The Car OBD II Diagnostics Tool provides you with a means to self-check your car by providing you with essential car data as you drive. This tool can be plugged in to any OBD II compliant vehicles, which is almost all the major car makers. It features an OBD II scanner that plugs into the Data Link Connector of an OBD II complaint vehicle. It then is able to monitor the current condition of the car engine and provides the data via a 4 inch monitor that can be installed on the car dashboard.

Real time display of the car’s current condition enables drivers to monitor closely and be alerted of any problems such as overheating, fuel and oil consumption, low voltage and the also has a real time alarm in case the car needs to undergo a maintenance cycle, overspeeding, experiencing overuse and such to avoid further damage to the vehicle. The Car OBD II Diagnostic Tool is available at Chinavasion for US$119.

Image Source: Chinavasion

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