Car GPS Buying Guide

A car GPS navigation system is a form of satellite-aided navigation system that enables vehicles to determine its location on a map and provide accurate information as to where it is headed as well as the distance of to travel to reach a destination. Different car GPS models provide various ranges of information, all to help and assist drivers to get to their destination.

A car GPS navigational system is made possible by a technology more commonly known as Global Positioning System. It was first developed by the United States Department of Defense and is composed of a constellation of 24 medium orbit satellites that transmit microwave signals. When received by a GPS receiver on earth, the data received enables it to determine location, direction, speed as well as time. Made available for civilian use since 1983, the GPS has since brought about the development of different consumer products such as the GPS receiver used in vehicles.

With a car GPS navigation system to help you out, you no longer need to worry about taking that wrong turn on the road or getting lost somewhere while traveling by car. There are car GPS navigation systems now available that is run by computer software that can guide you and tells you how to travel to a specific destination. There are systems that also provide voice output features that can give you instructions as you travel along with minimal distractions while driving.

Buying a car GPS would require that you have some understanding on what it is supposed to do. You may need to understand how a car GPS works in order to make better use of its many features. Before buying a car GPS navigational device, you would also need to know their different features. Here are some tips that can help you select a good car GPS navigational device.


When you are buying a car GPS, make sure that it provides good quality color display in different lighting conditions. Choose a GPS device that has a good color screen big enough to let you clearly see the information that it provides. But bear in mind that devices with larger screens are more expensive than those that offer smaller displays. But more important than the size of the display is its viewing performance that allows you to clearly see and read the information from any angle of the display.


Choose a car GPS device that provides you with street level maps. These may not be provided in some models or may come at an additional charge. It is the street-level maps that allow you to know your current location better while on the move. Make sure that the car GPS device that you choose contains the map of the area you are in or where you wish to travel. These maps are also updated from time to time so make sure that you also know how mapping information of the device you choose can be updated.

GPS-prompted driving directions

Depending on your needs, there are different car GPS devices that offer driving directions in the manner that you prefer. Some devices offer only text-prompted driving directions while there are others that are equipped with voice-prompted features telling you where to go. This feature would depend on your own preference but a GPS device equipped with voice-prompted driving directions may be more suitable for driving since it allows you to keep your eyes on the road at all times.

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