Bringrr checks if you forgot something before driving

Bringrr tags lost items via Bluetooth

Bringrr tags lost items via Bluetooth

You are ready to head for work and already at the Interstate when you realize you left your smartphone at home. Next time, consider this car gadget that could help you keep track of your stuff.

Bringrr fits into your car’s cigarette lighter receptacle and uses Bluetooth to scan for missing items as you enter your car. This device can scan for any items attached to a BringTag (shown above), a small, circular tag that sends out Bluetooth signal that Bringrr can trace. You can attach the BringTag on everything from smartphones, laptops, bags, and even books.

Bringrr also works with Google Glass, as the gadget notifies you if you have forgotten certain items via Glass’ heads-up display. Glass users can also assign virtual BringTags on anything just by looking a specific item and taking a photo.

Bringrr tags lost items via Bluetooth

Currently, both Bringrr and BringTags require a car to work. But since many people also rely on public transportation on their way to work, the team is working on a gadget for a wider reach. Bringrr co-founder and CEO Aldo Beqiraj admitted to Mashable that “massive amount” of backers that do not have cars have been requesting for a car-free version of Bringrr.

“Initially, our focus and positioning of the devices was based around not driving away without your things, but we now are broadening our focus to suit a more general audience,” Beqiraj added.

He and his team has successfully funded their Kickstarter campaign and now plans to start production in May. Backers can expect their Bringrr to be shipped this summer. On retail, the car gadget will most likely cost $29, while the BringTag will be at around $19.

Source: Mashable

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