Captioning Telephone

Telephones are useful communications tools that lets people connect with each other and talk about anything under the sun. But those who may be hard of hearing or have hearing disabilities generally find them useless. But there are ways in which even people who are hearing challenged can make use of phones. One example available will be this unique Captioning Telephone.

The Captioning Telephone allows old people and others suffering from hearing loss or problems to still connect with friends, colleagues and family members via voice communication. It features a display screen where text captions of what the caller from the other end is saying. The Captioning Telephone comes with a voice to text translation technology and operates similar to captioned TV.

The Captioning Telephone has the ability to convert the voice message of a caller into text that people who suffer from hearing loss may be able to read instead. This allows them to still communicate over the phone without having to strain out to hear the voice of the caller at the other end of the line. The caption feature can be turned off as well if not in use. The Captioning Telephone also comes with other features such as adjustable volume amplification, large buttons and an answering machine function that allows calls to be recorded both in audio as well a captioned text form. The Captioning Telephone is available at First Street Online for US$100.

Image Source: First Street Online

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