Cap Zappa Bottle Cap Launcher

Beer drinking among buddies is always an enjoyable pastime for many guys. It can become so enjoyable that people begin to drink more than they usually to opening up bottles more and more along the way. So why not make it a bit more fun opening up those bottles by using this unique Cap Zappa Bottle Cap Launcher.

With the Cap Zappa Launcher, you no longer have to find opening up beer bottles as a chore. You can now even have fun doing it. That is because the Cap Zappa Bottle Cap Launcher not only opens up those bottle caps cleanly from the beer bottle, it can also launch those caps flying across the room. Consider it as a unique way to pry open those caps from the beer bottles and then sending them away by making them fly into the air.

But when you use the Cap Zappa Launcher, make sure that you don’t direct the caps flying in the direction of other people. As fun as it may be, it can also create trouble if it hits a mean stranger that you would not want to become enemies with. Safety is still important in this case. The Cap Zappa Cap Launcher is available at the Spinning Hat for around 7 UK Pounds. That is around US$11.

Image Source: The Spinning Hat

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