Canvia Smart Art Display

Modern technology has improved the quality of life in many different ways.  Not only has it improved health, provided convenience, and made life in general easier, technology has also enhanced the way we view art. The appreciation of art has always been associated with classic paintings. When people cannot personally enjoy looking at the original, there are also other alternatives that technology can offer. One is by appreciating art via the Canvia Smart Art Display.

Digital Display

The Canvia Smart Art Display is a unique digital display that is designed for presenting digital images in a better light. It displays images just like a real painting, thanks to a patent-pending ArtSense Technology. Using this technology, the smart display imitates classic physical art by conserving the details such as texture, color, and even down to the individual brushstrokes.

What makes the Canvia Smart Art Display special is that it can be updated at any time. It provides the flexibility with access through a library of curated art. Using an app, users can control the display according to one’s changing tastes and on different occasions. This smart display also comes with interactive features and even supports voice recognition technology such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It has many other features that can make you change the way you look at that picture on the wall. The Canvia Smart Art Display is currently available for pre-order at Kickstarter for around $250.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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