Canon's New Series of Digital Video Cameras

Canon FS Video Camera

With a lot of choices for recording digital video, some would prefer gadgets that make catching experiences on video very easy. And with Canon’s new line of digital video cameras, nothing can even be easier.

The Canon FS Series offer some of the best features for people who want to capture everyday scenes for posterity and for reminiscing. The FS Series are the first of Canon’s line of video cameras to offer recording video directly on the gadget’s memory card. You no longer have to worry about buying some extra film in case you run out. With the FS Series providing internal memory from 8 GB to as high as 16 GB worth of video space, you may be able to record from five to 11 hours worth of digital video, more than enough for you to capture those fleeting yet memorable moments on film for remembrance.

Other notable features of the Canon’s FS Series include its 45x zoom capability, USB port connection as well as a more portable yet elegant design that will allow you to bring this wonderful digital video cameras wherever you go.

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