Canon X Mark 1 Green Calculator

Canon X Mark 1 Calculator

Even the most common of devices can be made to become friendlier to the environment. It would please the green movement that some manufacturers are doing their bit in order to conserve the earth’s resources in their own little way. Consider what Canon has done for its X Mark 1 calculator.

What makes the Canon X Mark 1 a green calculator is that its LCD display panel is made out of recycled Canon prism lenses. It is also fully powered by solar energy and contains no battery, making it quite energy efficient. Along with its environment friendly nature, the Canon X Mark 1is also stylishly designed in a slim and streamlined body for that sophisticated and modern look. At a price of around US$30 however, the Canon X Mark 1 calculator may also set it apart from other ordinary but just as functional calculators. For those who are more concerned about the environment and its future, that may just be a small price to pay.

Image Source: Canon

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