Canon Unveils Direct-to-CF Pro Videocams

Purchasing professional video cameras can be tricky. The best ones cost an arm and a leg, while the supposedly cheaper varieties are way below the professional level. Good thing Canon has a solution: a pair of pro-level video cameras that can record directly to CompactFlash cards.

The new Canon XF305 (pictured) and XF300 models record video clips at a native 1080p quality, use the same MPEG-2 4:2:2 50Mbps codec, DIGIC DV III image processor, and 4-inch LCD monitor, 0.52-inch electronic viewfinder, built-in stereo microphone, and dual XLR audio inputs. The difference is that the XF305 has support for multi-camera or 3D setups.

Both cameras from Canon are expected to be available in late June, both costing below US$8,000.

Source: Canon, via Engadget

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