Canon Powershot SD850 IS Digital Camera

Canon Powershot SD850 IS

The Canon Powershot SD850 IS is the predecessor of the current SD870 IS out in the market today. It was patterened after the earlier Powershots. The main difference between this version from the earlier Powershots is that this is already 8.3 megapixels compared to the previous version which only had 6.2 megapixels.

The SD850 also has the new Digic III image processor. This essentially cranks up the ISO setting up to 1,600 from the previous ISO 800. This is one camera that you’ll want to have because it will be able to let you capture just about every image possible even without a flash.

One of the things that you could improve on this Powershot is the 4x optical zoom lens. The SD850 IS’s lens gives you the equivalent of the widest focal length which is set to 35mm and ends at a telephoto range of 140mm. If you’re looking at the design of the SD850 IS, it is almost identical to the other previous Powershots. However, you still get a good, quality camera just because it’s a Canon.

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