Canon Powershot SD770

Canon Powershot SD770

The Canon Powershot SD770 is an ideal digital camera for travelers both in size and features. For those who never want to bother with camera settings on their vacations, just clear and good quality pictures for every shot, the Powershot SD770 digital camera would be an ideal candidate to bring along.

The Canon Powershot SD770 is designed with its compact and easily recognizable "Box and Circle" EPLH design, a sleek yet compact digital camera well aimed for everyday use. It has simple controls and automated features that allow users to just point and shoot to get great quality images. This digital camera would do most of the work and leaves the choice of shots to the user. With a 10 mega pixel sensor, 3x optical zoom, Optical Image Stabilizer, and Motion Detection Technology makes this digital camera quite easy to use. And with a price of around US$ 230, it is quite an affordable choice given its advanced features and capabilities.

Image Source: Canon

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