Canon Powershot G3X Digital Camera

Canon Powershot G3XDigital cameras seem to be in competition with smartphones nowadays in terms of capturing customer attention. While some smartphones with great built-in camera features have captured a sizable number of casual customers that previously prefer digital cameras, the battle is not yet over. Digital camera makers are fighting back by creating new camera models with better features and functions. Zoom features may be limited in most smartphone cameras due to their size. Newer digital cameras like the Canon Powershot G3X takes advantage of this to capture new camera enthusiasts into its fold.

The Canon Powershot G3X digital camera is one of those superzoom cameras that are now getting quite popular in the market. Some might consider it as a high-end compact digital camera, somewhere between portable digital cameras and the professional models. This new Canon digital camera comes with a 20MP sensor with a one-inch sensor size for superior image quality. Like with other superzoom cameras, the Canon Powershot G3X comes with superzoom lens, capable of zooming in at 25 times normal.

The Canon Powershot G3X Digital Camera also comes with a 3-inch touchscreen LCD that can flip out for use when taking selfies. A 5-axis image stabilization feature ensures that users capture clearer images despite some bit of movement. What the Canon Powershot G3X Digital Camera may lack is an electronic viewfinder for users who prefer taking pictures similar to how professionals do it. Other features worthy of note include WiFi connectivity, dust and splash proofing and 1080 Full HD video capture. The new Canon Powershot G3X Digital Camera is expected to come out sometime in July. Initial pricing is expected to be around $1,000.

Image Source: Canon

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