Canon PowerShot A590 Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot A590

For those who wish to have a handy digital camera when going on vacation, the Canon PowerShot A590 would be a likely candidate. This compact digital camera has some of the features needed in a point and shoot camera and does it impressively. It does more than enough to give justice to capturing images in sharper and more detailed quality.

The 8 megapixel resolution that the Canon PowerShot A590 provides gives more of the sharpness and details of the images it captures. It has other features such as optical image stabilization to reduce image shakiness and manual features for some welcome variety. You can say that it is in between the heavier SLR cameras and your typical point and shoot varieties. Priced at around US$245, the Canon PowerShot A590 digital camera may be quite a find in terms of affordability and features.

Image Source: Canon

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