Canon Powershot A480

canon powershot a480

Canon is releasing another breakthrough in snapshot gizmos as it releases a 10.0 megapixel model called the Powershot A480.

Poweshot A480 is the successor of the Powershot A470. This new Canon model is an ultra-compact digital camera that has a wide range of features such as a convenient optical zoom that makes easier framing of shots. It also has a superb image quality that makes images sharp and vibrant. In addition to these, the Powershot A480 boasts of a Face Detection Technology as well as a Motion Detection Technology for optimal image results.

The Powershot A480 is by far easier to use compared to the Powershot A470. It’s really a user-friendly camera because it has less complicated keys and buttons even if it has a wide range of functions.

Powershot A480 is powered by !! batteries, thus making the source of power readily available.

Prices are set at $ 189.95.


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