Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi

The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi is not an ordinary camera by any means. A Digital SLR that is usually the choice for more experienced photographers, the Rebel XSi may belong to a few digital cameras that offer detailed and more refined image quality but with the ease of a point and shoot camera when it comes to usage.

The Canon EOS digital Rebel XSi features a 12.2 mega pixel CMOS sensor and uses a DIGIC III Image Processor with a 14-bit analog to digital signal conversion capacity for smoother tones, a feature that once only belong to top of the line DSLR cameras. This allows the Rebel XSi to provide the highest quality RAW images available for such a compact camera. Also features in this outstanding camera are extensive noise reduction technology, automatic image optimization features, and with flexible external storage using SD and SDHC memory cards. Priced at US$700, the Canon Digital Rebel XSi belongs right among the compact point and shoot cameras but with top of the line DSLR features.

Image Source: Canon

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