Cannondale OnBike

When it comes to bikes, people would prefer simplicity over features any time. Although bicycles may be considered today as something that would not really gather as much attention as it once did, there are still a considerable number who still think highly of it. That is why there is still a market for bicycles being improved all the more by the use of new technology and design.

One such example would be the new Cannondale OnBike. Avid bike enthusiasts would still clamor for such bikes because they offer features that are improved over time by technology. What makes the Cannondale OnBike unique is that features an innovative System Integrated Chain Case Technology where the chain case assembly is designed fully enclosed and part of the bike’s structural frame. This results in a clean and efficient drive system consisting of 9 internal speed gears and disc brakes. This makes the drive system virtually maintenance free and the design makes it quite unique in terms of looks. Another unique feature may be its price. Cannondale is putting out only 250 of such bikes on the market, driving its price to 4,000 UK pounds or around US$6,150each. It truly would be a bike that only serious enthusiasts would want to have.

Image Source: Cannondale

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