Candy Crush Players Warned of Malware-Equipped Apps

With the popularity of Android game app Candy Crush Saga, it is only a matter of time before shady developers come up with “dubious” apps that attempt to exploit its success.

Created by, Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game that requires players to switch and connect similar candy pieces to score points and complete missions. It comes with Facebook integration, where players can ask their Facebook friends for extra lives and tickets. Candy Crush has since surpassed the likes of Farmville when it comes of popularity within the social network.

Computer security company Trend Micro has warned players to avoid downloading suspicious apps that ride on the Candy Crush popularity, as they might serve as launchpads for possible malware attacks.

Gelo Abendan, Trend Micro’s technical communications specialist, has said that they have detected “adware” apps that may overwhelm your mobile devices with constant advertisements, even while in the middle of using other apps. Some of these suspicious apps offer tips and tricks to get through Candy Crush’s difficult levels, while other apps shamelessly copies Candy Crush Saga except that they bear other developer names, tricking users who have no idea about the game’s original designers.

“While not inherently malicious, adware can be abused by cybercriminals for their own gains,” Abendan tells Interaksyon. “Adware not only uses aggressive advertising tactics such as persistent notifications, but also collects information about the user. This could be construed as a violation of the user’s privacy.”

Analysts have predicted that over one million malicious apps would hit Android devices this year. Trend Micro suggests mobile device users to take extra precautions when installing apps, such as reading thoroughly through the application’s description page, its comments section, and the permissions these apps are asking for.

Because of Android’s “openness,” the mobile OS has become a breeding ground for malware. Some of these dubious apps are even available through Google’s own app store.

Soruce: Interaksyon

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