The Canary Home Security System

The CanaryHome security is always an important concern for many people. A secure home can provide owners with some peace of mind, knowing that their home is safe. But sometimes, some homeowners become doubly concerned especially when they are out and away from their home. It pays to have a way to monitor the home even in such cases. This is where the Canary Home Security System may become valuable.

The Canary is an interesting home security device that comes with an HD camera, microphone and a host of different sensors to monitor temperature, air quality and humidity inside the home. Homeowners only need to place the unit in a centralized location inside the home and connect it into the home WiFi network. It can then monitor the home and will notify the owner in case something is amiss. The Canary will send a call or text message to alert you of any suspicious event at home while you are away.

The Canary can even provide a view through the unit’s HD video camera for the owner to watch on a smartphone for assessment. The owner can then choose to whether alert the police or trigger the 100-decibel alarm. Not only that, the Canary can also learn the normal cycle of activity in your home. It keeps track of the times when you go out, go back in or when certain motions are normal. This provides a smarter system of notification and avoids false alarms. The Canary currently in the pre-order stage, which is currently sold-out, unfortunately. Interested parties can check out the Canary site to know when the $250 home security unit will again be available.

Image Source: Canary

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