Canary Home Security shows its smartphone app

Canary home security smartphone app

Canary home security smartphone app

Canary home security system is another crowdfunding success story. After exceeding its Indiegogo funding goals and receiving an extra $10 million in VC investment, the Israel-based company is about to ship its product in a few months.

In the meantime, the company has showcased its complimentary smartphone app to TechCrunch. Homeowners must pair their Canary home security system with the phone app and WiFi using a standard audio cord, which comes inclusive in the package. Afterwhich, the owner creates a user ID and password.

Once connected, the home security system provides 24/7 live video feed of the abode. The phone app also displays the home’s temperature, air quality, and noise among others. Homeowners can even sync up to four different units of the Canary home security system in a single location to cover every room in the house or even in different locations to monitor your home and office at the same time.

Canary home security system

Users can assign contacts as either primary or backup accounts. Primary users, which is usually family members or roommates, have full access to the security system at any time and receive notifications if anything happened. Backups, meanwhile, are usually neighbors or close friends who will not have 24/7 access to the security live feed, but they can notify the authorities if someone beaks in and the primary user does not respond to the notifications.

The app comes in an assortment of modes ranging from “Home,” “Away,” “Privacy,” and “Vacation.” The system detects if the owner (or at least the one holding the connected smartphone) is home or away, while the monitoring and recording stops during Privacy mode.

Users would be delighted to know they can flag recorded events. The founders told TechCrunch the feature not only can be used to save recorded clips of break-in, but also of significant events that homeowners would not witness if they are away, such as their child’s first steps. The flagged moments can be saved and downloaded to desktop.

The Canary home security system is available for pre-order starting at $199 for one unit. Buyers can choose from Classic White, Matte Black, and Silver.

Source: TechCrunch

Image source: TechCrunch

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