Can Kindle Replace Newspapers?

Technology can really change the way people look at things and use them. Each era brings along technologies that begin to change the way people live. Cars made travel more convenient. Electric bulbs made homes brighter. The Internet made the world a lot smaller. Changes brought about by technology can eventually help enrich and even complicate life. But would such changes someday also affect newspapers?

For a lot of people, reading newspapers have become quite an ordinary day to day habit. Some may wax sentimental over how technology may someday replace the actual experience of turning each newspaper page to know about today’s happenings. And with the emergence of gadgets such as Kindle and other reading devices like it, the age of newspapers may finally be coming to an end.

Kindle is said to be the likely candidate to replace newspapers as the new means of reading news in the near future. Kindle has started to make its way into becoming the preferred means to read books more conveniently. And it is likely that Kindle may do more with the release of its next version in the coming weeks. It is said to have a bigger screen and is set to have even more interactive functions. The new Kindle is designed for reading newspapers, magazines and textbooks. But would it provide a good replacement for today’s newspapers when it does come out?

Major media industries has been looking towards trying to keep their newspaper businesses afloat, if not profit, with the advent of change that technology has affected their bottom line. They look to modernize the way people look at newspapers. And the way this can be done is by integrating technology into the business, such as making use of an electronic reader.

E-readers such as the Kindle may just someday replace the typical newspapers of today. But it may not yet do so presently. It may take some more time before people would begin to accept using e-readers such as Kindle to replace those newspapers of old. Although the change may be inevitable, it may still take several years more before Kindle may be embraced by a majority of newspaper readers. The change may be on the horizon, but it is not yet here.

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