CalmSpace Sleeping Capsule

It is no surprise that people tend to feel tired and sleepy by noon at the office. Not being able to address it may be worse in terms of job performance. When feeling tired, it pays to take a break and get a power nap. And if ever offices would agree to giving their employees some time to catch a nap while at the office, having CalmSpace would help give them some space to comfortable catch their forty winks.

CalmSpace is a self-contained sleep capsule designed by Marie-Virginie Berbet. It is designed to provide people with a way to get their power naps in relative comfort. CalmSpace does provide the right environment for people to take a nap as it features a quiet and enclosed area where people can take a short nap in comfort. It contains orange light inside that is said to help people sleep. A timer can be set to 10, 15, and 20 minutes before a blue light goes on the gently wake up whoever is inside in a more natural manner. CalmSpace is currently available at the office furniture company Haworth’s site although pricing and other details have not yet been provided.

Image Source: Haworth

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