Cadillac World Thorium Fuel

cadillac wtf

Cadillac’s latest concept is a car that runs on clean Thorium nuclear fuel. It also has maintenance-free service for a century or more. What’s more, each wheel of this cool car actually consists of 6 individually powered wheels aligned side by side. That’s 26 wheels all in all. WTF! No, we’re not using Internet lingo here. Cadillac’s newest design, the World Thorium Fuel, features things that make it rise above the others.

The extremely unique Cadillac WTF concept was designed by Loren Kulesus to put in the spotlight a car with virtually zero maintenance requirements, one that functions for 100 years or so, and one that has wheels that you won’t ever replace. Cadillac WTF’s proposed power source, thorium, is the number 90 on your chemistry class’ periodic table of elements.

Sorry to disappoint you, but the Cadillac WTF is just a concept. It won’t be available anytime soon. But if you can wait until the next millennium or a millennium after that, you just might be able to drive one. In the meantime, drool over the stunning pictures of the concept car that are circulating in the Web.

Image Source: Ultimate Car Forum

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