C-ALERT Emergency Communication System 

Time is of the essence in any emergency situation. If you find yourself in an accident, try getting to the hospital at the earliest time possible. It can increase your chances of survival. But there is more to it than that. Urgent medical attention is important. Getting the correct medical treatment based on your medical profile is just as essential.  First responders may need a victim’s medical information in order to administer the proper treatment to certain emergencies. Thanks to the new using the C-ALERT Emergency Communication System, this can be made available right away. 

Personal Medical Info On The Go

The C-ALERT Emergency Communication System will enable accident victims to provide the essential medical information during emergencies. It can then guide emergency responders to determine the correct medical treatment. The system makes use of personal medical ID’s linked to a cloud-based dynamic data storage facility.  The ID can be wallet cards, pendants, key fobs, shoe tags and even dog tags. The ID provides access vital personal medical information required by medical personnel whenever needed. All they need to do is to scan the C-Alert ID or scan using the QR code via a smartphone.  

With the C-ALERT Emergency Communication System, people can always their vital medical information with them at all times. The system will make use of a membership system to provide the service for a monthly fee of as low as $2 for a period of one year. It is a small price to pay for ensuring that emergency first responders will have real-time access to your personal medical history in case of accidents or emergencies. The C-ALERT Emergency Communication System is currently going through a crowdfunding campaign to encourage interested parties to register for membership into the system. A pledge of $24 will come with a year of C-ALERT membership. A pledge of $60 comes with a 5-year membership. A $100 pledge comes with a lifetime membership.  

Image Source:   Kickstarter 

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