Buzzword Speech Recognition Wristband

Buzzword Speech Recognition Wristband

Even the most experienced public speakers have their own unique verbal tics, no matter how minor. It may be a habitual mispronunciation of a word or a phrase being repeated too often for comfort. Those who speak in public frequently work hard to correct these verbal and mental errors. For some, they just want to plainly get rid of it.

So for those who are serious about correcting their verbal tics, how about using some bit of technology to do so? Here is a unique gadget that might just do the trick. Presenting the Buzzword Speech Recognition Wristband, a gadget that aims to shock the verbal tics out of you (pun intended, but also with all seriousness).

Up close, the Buzzword Speech Recognition Wristband may look pretty ordinary but with a high tech look. It sports a small display up front and can be likened to a small wrist watch. But it does more than that. The Buzzword Speech Recognition Wristband can recognize certain audible sounds like words or phrases that can easily be programmed into it. It is equipped with its own microphone that handles the audio input. Whenever the user mentions a certain programmed word or phrase considered for correction. It alerts the wearer by sending an electric shock. The shock treatment is considered pretty safe, but one that is not easily forgotten also.

What this special wristband does is try to send wearers a reminder by means of a small shock every time they speak a word or a phrase programmed into it. It can be particular problem words such as "like", "you know", "ahhhh" and the like that wearers usually use all too often but want corrected. The small shock treatment of the Buzzword Speech Recognition Wristband may associate the unpleasant sensation towards the problem words programmed into it. After a while, the subconscious mind gets the message until it tries to use such word less and less just to avoid the shock. Wear it often and you may just have your speech problems corrected. It’s available at ThinkGeek for US$40.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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