Butterfleye Smart Monitoring Camera

ButterfleyeHome security is important for many people. But concerns exist when the home occupants are always out at work. Homeowners can worry about the state of their home when they are not there, especially for extended periods of time. It helps if they have a friend or family member to check up on it once in a  while. But in the unfortunate circumstance where this is not possible, technology may offer the only solution. Having devices like the new Butterfleye Smart Monitoring Camera will help you feel at ease even when you are away from home.

The Butterfleye Smart Monitoring Camera is a smart and wireless home monitoring camera that will help you check up on your home even if you are far away on a business or vacation trip. But unlike most home monitoring cameras, the Butterfleye Smart Monitoring Camera makes use of Activity-Based Recording or ABR. It only starts to record when it detects humans, pets or specific sounds within its vicinity. This reduces the problem of storing empty footage as well as lessen the amount of false alarms.

With this feature, the Butterfleye Smart Monitoring Camera relies on a system of sensors as well as a unique set of algorithms by video analytics. The Butterfleye can learn your routine and habits and use it to send you smarter notifications over time. It smart motion capabilities ensure that it only triggers to record video when it detects movements and sounds of significance. The Butterfleye Smart Monitoring Camera comes with 12 hours worth of video storage and a rechargeable lithium ion battery that holds up to 2 weeks worth of charge. The wireless feature of the Butterfleye Smart Monitoring Camera makes it also ideal for use as a baby and pet monitor. A two-way microphone allows user to interact with their baby or pet through the Butterfleye. Users can access the video stream from the device through their smartphone or tablet using the Butterfleye app. The Butterfleye Smart Monitoring Camera is now available for pre-order at Indiegogo for $199. The first batch is expected to be available sometime in December of this year.

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