Burger Android Game App

Most game apps today usually appeal to those casual gamers. A majority of smartphone users usually just want to have a game app that they can play on whatever spare time they have. Some don’t want to invest that much time playing a particular game. For such people, the Burger Android game app might provide that certain appeal for an engaging casual game.

The Burger Android game app is a simple yet engaging game that gives people that experience of serving burgers at a fast food joint. This burger serving game app may be considered both a casual and a time management game. The game’s objective is for players to create different orders of burgers based on what customers want. Different recipes are placed on the screen to allow players to create the burgers ordered. This includes the garnishes, desserts, sodas and fries. The more the game is played, the more ingredients are given, leading to many varieties of burgers and sandwiches to be made.

The players can either choose to play in Career Mode or in Time Attack Mode. Career Mode is for players who like to take the game further as they play it. The Time Attack Mode is for those who will want to try how quick they can be at making the burgers as they are being ordered. In both cases, players get to earn coins as they play. There are more than 300 levels to play and 40 achievements available for those who wish to flip burgers as a career choice. The Burger Android game app is available at Google Play for free download.

Image Source: Google Play

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