BUOQ Axis 3-In-One Headphones


Gadgets today have become quite unique and interesting. In order to catch attention, some have to be more versatile than the rest in its class. It is not always easy to stand out in a very competitive market where consumers have many options to choose from. The new BUOQ Axis 3-In-One Headphones offers users an option that no other headphones in the market offer. 

The BUOQ Axis 3-In-One Headphones is unique and interesting in that it does not just function as an ordinary headphone. Of course, it works well as a convenient wireless headphone with passive noise canceling features. But it also works as a portable pair of wireless speakers with just a twist of the ear pieces outward. Doing so will activate its function as a speaker allowing friends to listen along to your favorite tunes or audio files. The BUOQ Axis 3-In-One Headphones also becomes a wearable pair of speakers, adding to its versatility. 

The BUOQ Axis 3-In-One Headphones comes with interchangeable magnetic earpads, giving users the option for customizing their headphones. Its noise-canceling features is possible through the use of NIF or Noise Isolation Foam technology. This pair of wireless headphones makes use of advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology for its wireless connectivity, having a powerful range of 15 meters or 50 feet from the audio source. Its rechargeable batteries allow it to function for 18 hours as a headphone and around 11 hours as a pair of speakers. The BUOQ Axis 3-In-One Headphones is currently under an ongoing crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Interested parties can still pre-order a pair for 79 Euros or around US$88. It is expected to ship sometime around October of this year. 

Image Source: Kickstarter 

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