Bulletproof Polo Shirt

Bullet Proof Polo Shirt

It has been proven that when the economy goes down, crime rates go up.

What the better way to be safe than to wear an inconspicuous bulletproof polo shirt.

Colombian designer Miguel Caballero created a polo shirt that is made from ultra-lightweight, bulletproof fabric. It’s comfortable, casual, and best of all, helps keep you safe.

In fact, the bulletproof polo shirt has been reported to be able to stop a 9mm round, and even an Uzi round. Sure, it’s going to hurt – a lot, and the bullets will beat mercilessly, but you will live – and that’s what’s important.

However, safety comes at a price. This fashionable piece of armor will cost you $12,000 and is available now from Harrod’s of London. Then again, $12,000 for your life may not be such a bad deal.

Image source: time.com

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