Build With Chrome: Create Lego direct from browser

Build With Chrome

Build With Chrome

Building Lego masterpieces is no longer limited to plastic bins, as Google Chrome launches a virtual space to build Lego bricks straight from the brower. The “Build With Chrome” project, a joint venture with the building toy manufacturer, began in Australia in 2012 and is now available all over the world.

The child in you can choose from an unlimited number of 10 different colored bricks in 14 sizes, as well as special pieces like doors and windows. You can view your works from various angles and even zoom it in or out. Once you are done with your Lego structures, you can share them on Google+ and explore other designs made by other users using a special version of Google Maps.

Build With Chrome uses WebGL, a 3D graphics technology that does not require additional plugins, so it can be played in most desktops and even on smartphones and tablets.

This launch is in line with The Lego Movie, which premieres in theaters February 7. Some of the film’s characters even appear in the tutorials.

Source: Mashable

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