Buffalo PC Mouse with Double Click Button

Buffalo PC Mouse with Double Click Button

Doubling-clicking a mouse has been a practice for netizens for years, and it is only now manufacturers are making this joint-aching task simpler. Buffalo, for instance, has released a mouse that includes a double-click button!

The specialized double-click mouse, marked by an embossed "2x", is placed between the scroll wheel and the left button. Its use is simply…double-clicking, at a single click. Confusing?

Buffalo’s double-click mouse is available in two different models and three different colors. It’s definitely useful for the lazy of for the office worker who has mundane tasks that require a lot of double-clicking.

Overall, even with a double-clicking button, users are most likely used to double-clicking manually anyway. You may buy the mouse because it looks cute, but really, would you even notice that the double-click button is even there?

Now, if only there is some manufacturer who could produce a mouse that would do the clicking for us. That would be convenient.

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