Buffalo Dualie Can Take Your iPod and iPhone

Buffalo Dualie iPhone Dock

We have seen a lot of iPod docks lately, but this latest creation from Buffalo may take the category up a notch.  Not only it can be docked by a variety of iDevices, but can also back up to 500GB of digital files inside its portable hard drive.

The Buffalo Dualie features a Mac-formatted hard drive with USB 2.0 and FireWire 800 ports, not to mention the two USB ports on the docking station.  Dock your iPhone or iPod on it (not to forget putting the appropriate adapter) and you can sync your music library and charge the battery at the same time.  PC users can also enjoy this docking station as it includes all necessary drivers for Windows.

The Buffalo Dualie is exclusively available on the Apple Store, costing US$249.95.

Image source:  Apple

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