Buffalo 802.11n Wi-Fi Dongle

Buffalo Wi Fi USB Dongle

Even when it comes to laptop add-ons and peripherals, people seem to like them getting smaller. Aside from becoming more handy, smaller gadgets are easier to bring along and may clear up some space for more devices that many gadget geeks may seem to carry along with them. And in the case of a Wi-Fi dongle, Buffalo may have the smallest yet.

The new Buffalo 802.11n Wi-Fi USB dongle from Buffalo may be the smallest yet at just 33mm long and 16mm wide. In fact, many are calling it the smallest Wi-Fi dongle in the world. This might be the perfect match for other gadgets going small such as the popular UMPC’s and Netbooks of today. This diminutive Wi-Fi USB dongle also supports WPS standards as well as Buffalo’s proprietary AOSS technology to allow more secure wireless network connection. It is yet to be made available in Japan and may be expected to cost about 2,100 yen. That’s about 24 dollars in American money.

Image Source: Buffalo

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