Buffalo 16GB MicroSD Card Reader

Buffalo 16GB microSD card reader

The more advanced the technology, the smaller the device becomes.  We have seen that countless times and Buffalo has proven it right once again with the introduction of a really small microSD card reader.

This USB device-which includes a microSD card-can store up to 16GB of data, which is pretty much amazing considering that all of that information is stuffed in such tiny storage.  It fits in any of your computers USB 2.0 ports, although we recommend this for netbook users so they can even open programs straight out of the card reader without having to install it in the computer and take up precious space.

The 16GB microSD card reader is available in two colors, black and white, and is available online for around $160.  If you find that too expensive, you could settle for a 4GB version for only $35.

Image source:  GeekStuff4U.com

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