Budgee Personal Robot Assistant

BudgeeRobotic technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. Many may be thinking that right now, our lives may already be revolving around robots doing the bidding of us, humans. While we may be still be far away from having robotic companions to help out at home, there are some devices that are just as close to what most people have in mind. This Budgee Personal Robot Assistant is just one of them.

The Budgee Personal Robot Assistant from 5 Elements Robotics can be quite helpful for people who always carry heavy loads at work. Well, if you always carry 50 pounds worth of load going in and out of the office, then Budgee is for you. This consumer-oriented robot can carry those loads for you. It can also follow you wherever you go without having to drag it along, thanks to an accompanying and handy transmitter that you can have with you. Budgee connects to your Android or iOS smartphone through a special app where you can control your personal robot assistant. You can set the safe distance in which Budgee follows you around with your things. It also sends an alarm when you are separated from it as a certain distance. You can even drive Budgee around using the app on your phone.

Budgee can hold up to 50 pounds of weight and can still move around quite fast. And when you are not using your personal robot, it is collapsible and you can fold it for easy and convenient storage inside your car trunk or cabinet. It comes with a built-in battery pack that can last from 6 to 8 hours of standard usage. If you are looking for such a robot assistant, then you can have Budgee for $1,545.

Image Source: 5 Elements Robotics

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