Bublcam 360-Degree Portable Camera

Bubl CamPeople always love to capture life’s precious moments as a photo or video whenever they can. The many devices now available in the market makes this more convenient to do. The number of handy cameras and camcorders nowadays and their various features help make taking photos and recording videos more accessible. And the technology is still progressing to address many different ways to capture different moments in many unique ways. The new Bublcam 360-Degree Portable Camera is capable of doing just that.

The new Bublcam 360-Degree Portable Camera is unique in that it is able to capture spherical photos and videos. This makes it ideal for capturing images and video ideal for VR devices. In fact it is compatible with a number of VR headsets, which are also becoming more and more popular nowadays. The Bublcam 360-Degree Portable Camera is able to shoot and capture in 360-degrees, thanks to its four lenses with a 190-degree view each and working together with four 5MP sensors. The camera can be controlled from the device or remotely using a smartphone app.

The Bublcam 360-Degree Portable Camera can both record captured files on a built-in microSD card or be previewed via a live stream from the smartphone app. Users can also view the 360-degree captures using compatible apps like the bubl.io Cloud Service and via the Bubl Xplor app. Users can view spherical content in VR mode using a compatible VR headset. Footage made from the Bublcam 360-Degree Portable Camera can also be uploaded to websites which support 360-degree videos like YouTube. The Bublcam is currently available for back-orders at their website for $800.

Image Source: Bublcam

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