Brookstone Iceless Wine Chiller

Having that perfect glass of wine would usually have it served chilled but not cold. Enjoying wine at the right temperature is important for some people and wine connoisseurs. When wine at room temperature would not be ideal, people can have their wine bottles chilled just right by using this Brookstone Iceless Wine Chiller.

The Iceless Wine Chiller makes use of Peltier thermoelectric technology to chill wines at an ideal 35 degrees to bring out its flavor. This special chiller does not have moving parts or make use of liquids in order to chill the bottle. There is a LED display on the device that shows the current and desired temperature to show users the progress.

The Iceless Wine Chiller also comes with a database of about 40 wines. Press the right wine type and the chiller automatically sets the desired setting to either warm up or chill a particular wine to its recommended temperature to bring out its flavor, bouquet and overall wine drinking enjoyment. The Iceless Wine Chiller is available at Brookstone for US$100.

Image Source: Brookstone

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